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Work anywhere, anytime using
only a laptop or computer
Make money without being restricted to
time or place.
A part-time job that gives you
money as much as you work
You can get points for your work even if you
work less than an hour a day.
It’s an easy data processing
part-time job
With an easy manual, you can start
processing data immediately.
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Why is data collection/processing required?
Just as people go through repetitive learning processes, training data is
essential when building an AI (machine learning algorithm). It requires
teaching a large amount of ground truth data. With Nachos, you will be
teaching a brand-new AI, making the world a better and safe place.
How to get points?
Work as much as you wish
Select the job and work anytime, anywhere without being restricted to time and place.
Validation process
Once the Nachos validator confirms your work, you will be rewarded with points.
Be rewarded with points and cash
You can exchange points to cash in the ‘My Page’ tab of our website.
Work with us!
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Can residents overseas and domestic foreigners sign up?
Anyone can sign up for Nachos. However, a Korean phone number, bank account, and social security number will be required when exchanging nacho points into currency.
The nacho points are not rewarded after completing the task.
It may take some time before points are rewarded. It usually takes 3-5 business for work inspection and revenue to be finalized and be reflected on the ultimate paid amount. If something goes wrong during the process, the job may be rejected. If so, please check the ‘rejected task data’ link below.
It states, “There is no task available”.
It indicates that there are no more new data to provide. It seems that you have read the message when all the work in progress were completed.
There are some tasks I cannot participate in.
Each job requires different qualifications of candidates. Due to data characteristics, some tasks can only be performed by crews whose conditions have been confirmed or have been tested. We will try our best to provide more job openings for everyone to participate without any restrictions.
To which account are the points exchanged into cash?
We will request your bank account number when you apply for currency exchange. Such information is only used once and is disposed of immediately after the exchange process as a measure of protecting personal information. So even if it provides discomfort, please enter the bank account number every time you apply for currency exchange.
What is the minimum point of point exchange?
You can apply in units starting from 1,000 points up to 50,000 points.
I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
Please click ‘forgot password’ in the main page. Once you enter the email account created to sign in, we will issue a temporary passcode for you to login.
I cannot see my work history details in the Nachos page.
Unless under special circumstances, the crew’s work history is neither hidden nor erased. So please check if you are logged into a different account. The full email account is required when signing into Nachos. Otherwise, the rejected job has not been reworked on and has expired. It is crucial to complete the rejected work on time.
What does rejected task data mean?
If your work does not follow or meet guideline standards, the data will be rejected.
What are Nacho Points?
Nacho Points are the profit you receive once the tasks are completed. It corresponds in KRW and 1:1.
Do I have to enter my social security number?
Yes, you will need to provide a resident registration number to report business income and receive payment.
Where can I check the points?
The points can be found in Mypage > Profit.
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